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Last updated 12/16/2023

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Why should I read newsletters on my Kindle?

If you read at night, the blue light from your laptop or phone impacts negatively your sleep. Kindles are also lightweight and don't have any of the distractions that traditional web browsers provide.

Can't I just forward the newsletters to my Kindle manually?

HTML/text-based emails are not supported by Kindle devices. Our service automates the conversion process so you don't have to. Images are embedded with our service as well.

How do you view links on the Kindle?

Viewing links on a Kindle are not ideal. Kindle has a simplistic built-in web browser, but it is slow and difficult to navigate. Newsletters sent to our platform are scanned and then save all the links so they can be viewed from our website later.

How are images displayed?

Newsletters can be viewed as a direct copy or converted to a native Kindle format. We recommend that you don't try to convert newsletters that are image-heavy.

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